Research areas, services

FTT Research areas, services

Last modified: 27. November 2022

Description of research activities:

The research areas of the department are diverse, ranging from hotel and destination management through health tourism to wine and gastro-tourism and rural tourism, which are closely related to research into the rural tourism sector, focusing on sustainable tourism in rural areas. Our further important fields of research include regional and tourism planning, the links between tourism and regional development, the social and economic impacts of urbanization, the aspect of tourism in border areas, event and travel organization, as well as cultural and heritage tourism.

Major research projects/findings:

22 research projects conducted through the West-Balaton Research Group of Social Sciences at Georgikon Campus:

    2005-2007: A Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (TO49335) project: Dumpster divers and garbage on the edge of the European Union – the consumer society of poverty
    2013-2014: Hungary – Croatia

Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme: 2007-2013 (HU-HR) Health and Rural Tourism DM model (HUHR/1101/2.1.3/ 0006)

    2019-2020 EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00015 T30_GK_” sub-project: foreign property owners in Keszthely district

The theoretical foundation of sustainable tourism:

    Lóránt Dávid (Ed.), Mrs Katalin Csobán Varga, Gyöngyi Kovács, László Vasa, Singh Manhas Parikshat, Dorottya Varga (2015): Tourism Ecology: Towards a greener tourism – Building sustainable tourism
    Saarbrücken, Germany : Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) (2015) , 315 p. ISBN: 9783659762468 Complete document

 Services provided by the department:

  •     tourism consultancy
  •     tourism planning
  •     event organization
  •     regional planning
  •     studies in social sciences
  •     filed data acquisition
  •     social survey and examination of a region
  •     organizing a ‘Cheese Academy’ conference
  •     organization of cheese judging.