Research areas, services

BPSzT Research areas, services

Last modified: 27. November 2022

The research activities of the Department are very diverse. Typically, corporate finance, capital structure studies, company valuation, investment analysis, taxation issues, municipal management and the willingness of households to save, practical options for the operation of accounting systems and the legal framework, meeting the information needs of corporate governance in relation to the design of accounting systems, the development of management processes and financial controlling methodology, and research into the use of methodological procedures and analysis of business valuation, focusing on enterprises in the agricultural sector.

Our main research areas are currently:

  •     Impact of the Basel banking regulations on the domestic and European banking system.
  •     The theory and methodology of enterprise finance in domestic small and medium-sized enterprises
  •     Analysis of trends in the capital position and capital structure of domestic agricultural enterprises
  •     Research into the use of methodological procedures and analyses in business valuation
  •     Analysis of the methodological specificities of investment and exploration of the interconnection between different areas
  •     The possibilities and limitations of financial and management accounting
  •     International accounting systems
  •     Public sector accounting
  •     Areas of use of information from accounting
  •     Factors in the design and operation of accounting systems
  •     Competitiveness analysis of mushroom growing sectors

Most important research projects currently running or completed recently:

  •     Let’s Produce Together with Nature – Agroforestry as a New Window of Opportunity – EFOP-3.6.2-16-2017-00018 Name of beneficiaries: University of Sopron (consortium leader), University of Dunaújváros, Kaposvár Campus of MATE
  •     EDUAGRI (Multilevel Education System for Agile Agri-Food Chains) – international project launched in 2020 with the cooperation of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Agricultural College of Križevci, Croatia

Services provided by the Department:

  •     Financial, investment, taxation, accounting and controlling consultancy services for agricultural enterprizes and primary agricultural producers
  •     Teaching financial literacy
  •     Evaluating applications for national and EU funding, project monitoring and appraisal, and fund management control