Research areas, services

HTSzT Research areas, services

Last modified: 27. November 2022

Our research areas include different segments of educational science, for example: the situation of students with special educational needs or with disadvantaged backgrounds (this includes the study of young people and functioning schools throughout the Carpathian Basin in connection with village research camps).

We focus on individual and group training development (this includes the methodological enrichment of environmental education) and the topics of adult education.

Our results are regularly published in the Small Library series on Career Design.

In our interdisciplinary, complex teaching and research activities the main focus of our work is the development of services related to career guidance (LLG) and supporting life pathways.

Accordingly, we regularly provide career guidance support to the groups concerned according to the emerging needs in the Gödöllő microregion.

Group counselling for high-school students 14 / 20 individual counselling with primary school pupils