Last modified: 27. November 2022

Dear Partner! Dear Friend!

On behalf of the staff of the Institute of Rural Development and Sustainable Economy of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, I would like to welcome you to our institute.

The diverse activities of our institute play a major role not only in the university, but also in Hungary’s higher education in the fields of agriculture, economics and humanities. More than 2000 students are studying in our programmes, making us one of the university's largest institutes with the largest number of students. This presence, tradition and responsibility commit us to quality, student-centred education, continuous development and efforts to strengthen our international connections and presence. Our institute offers degree programmes at all levels (ISCED Level 5, Bachelor, Master, Postgraduate) in Hungarian and English, but also actively participates in the work of several doctoral schools.

In addition, we offer a wide range of further educational opportunities for adults and some of our majors operate also in the form of dual training in cooperation with the profession.

Our teaching activities are not only present in Hungary (we teach on all campuses of the university), but also in regions beyond Hungary. Our programmes are popular among Hungarians in the Carpathian basin in our training centres in Felvidék (Révkomárom), Székelyföld (Csíkszereda, Székelyudvarhely) and Délvidék (Zenta).

The primary objective of our institute is to train highly qualified knowledgeable professionals in economics (including finance and tourism), rural development and agroinformatics, as well as human resource development (consultancy, agricultural education), who, with their modern theoretical and professional knowledge, will meet the requirements of the labour market in all respects and will validate our teaching and research work with their successful performance. We also ensure that our students and teachers achieve the highest possible level of foreign language skills (e.g. professional translator and interpreter, and professional communicator in foreign languages).

Our educational activity is based on mainly applied researches that enhance the practice-oriented training of our students. In addition, we also aim to meet the requirements of economy and society towards the profession.

By involving our national and international partners, including our transborder ones, we try to provide an inspiring creative medium for our students, tutors and for rural Hungary. This medium will help them in their professional development and in achieving success.

Up to date and useful knowledge. Straight and constructive medium. Cooperating community.

These will await you when you start building your professional career or when you start cooperating with us or even when continuing the cooperation at our institute. We hope that you will find the way to make contact with us as a current or prospective student, partner or as an expert who is interested in our activities concerning research or services.

Please feel free to contact us.

Yours faithfully,

Prof. Dr. Zoltán Bujdosó
Director of Institute