Research Areas and Services

AÖGT Research areas and services

Last modified: 27. November 2022

The Department of Agroecology and Ecological Management aims to expand joint research works and relations with foreign and domestic research and training institutions that strive to protect the living environment and the ecosystem in horticulture and agriculture.

We aim to solve problems that arise during the introduction and dissemination of organic farming, as well as during the transition.

Current research topics (our international projects):

● EcoMotive - Training-the-trainers for ecological small scale production (2014-2017)

● 'Social farms in V4 countries' (Visegrad Fund) (2017)

● CATAlySt - Capacity building in agricultural innovation services in CEE countries (2016-2018)

● SoFarEDU- Social Farming in Higher Education (2017-2020)

● 'Post-covid recovery of small family businesses in V4 countries' (Visegrad Fund) (2021)


In our department, we also organise non-university education program for adults, entitled Organic Garden and Permaculture.

At Szent István Campus, in the SZIA Agroecological Community Garden supervised by our department, organic vegetables are grown, and we combine farming with the sale of garden-produce.

In the Buda Arbor Organic Garden at the Buda Campus, in addition to the students' practical training, visitors of the Arboretum can learn about the techniques of organic farming.