ADSzT Introduction

Last modified: 27. November 2022

The Department of Digitalization and Consultancy in Agriculture was established by the colleagues of the business information technology department and consultancy department. It aims to meet the educational needs of digital development within the domestic agricultural sector. Accompanied by consulting, our department plays an important role in the formal and non-formal education of farmers.

The teaching and research activities of our department are focused on the following areas: consulting systems, consulting strategies, examining the efficiency of consultancy, applicable communication methods, knowledge transfer and sharing, and the analysis of innovation processes. Furthermore, it will also focus on the components of the high-level IT literacy required in business and academic spheres, as well as on business IT solutions to meet the needs of individual majors and their specificities in the agricultural and food industry.

The Department cooperates with a number of companies developing and distributing IT systems, through which our students can gain knowledge that can be used competitively in the domestic and international labour market. During our four-module consultancy training, students can obtain a certificate, which is accepted by the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture as a stand-alone certificate for the registration in the Register of Consultants.

Dr. Zsigmond Gábor Szalay

Head of Department, associate professor
​​​​​​​MATE Szent István Campus,
​​​​​​​Gödöllő, Páter Károly u. 1.
e-mail: ​​​​​​ ​​​