AÖGT Introduction

Last modified: 27. November 2022

The teaching and administrative staff of the Department of Agroecology and Ecological Farming work on two camuses, the Buda Campus in Budapest and the Szent István Campus in Gödöllő.

The main educational and research focus of the department is the holistic view of agroecology, examining its research, practical and movement aspects; as well as the description and development of the approach and technological elements of ecological farming, primarily in cultivating, processing and selling arable and horticultural crops.

The aim of our activity is to establish the approach and way of thinking necessary for agroecology and ecological farming, to introduce the basic elements of agroecology and the basic principles of ecological farming, to transfer basic and specialized knowledge related to farming, and to prepare our students for the implementation of ecological farming.

We also focus on the realistic presentation and evaluation of the possibility, feasibility, advantages and difficulties of ecological farming by highlighting possible problems and their solutions.

We would also like to promote and facilitate the spread of ecological farming in Hungary. Another important teaching and research area of our department is social farming, and how it can be connected with the practice of ecological farming.

We offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in many different subjects:

  •     BSc Horticultural Engineering
  •     BSc Agricultural Engineering
  •     BSc Wildlife Management Engineering
  •     BSc Nature Conservation Engineering
  •     Agricultural higher education vocational training programmes
  •     Agricultural engineering (five-year programme until 2024)
  •     MSc Crop Production Engineering
  •     MSC Environmental Management Engineering
  •     MSc Rural Development Engineering
  •     MSC Ecological Farming until 2022
  •     Ecological farmer specialized training.

The following programmes offer Ecological Management and Nature Conservation specializations:

  •     BSc in Horticultural Engineering, full time or part time education at Buda Campus
  •     BSc in Horticultural Engineering, long distance education by Beregszász, Nyárádszereda or Zenta Campuses

Anna Divéky-Ertsey is in charge of these specializations.

Contact Us:

Buda Campus
​​​​​1118 Budapest ​​​​Villányi út 29-43. "C" Building
Tel: +36 1 305 7235 extension: 6235
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“Biogarden” Facebook Page: 

Szent István Campus
2100 Gödöllő ​​​​​​​Páter Károly utca 1. “KTI” Building
​​​​​​​Tel: +36 28 522 000 extension: 1038
SZIA Agroecological Garden website: